Park University

Liberty Park, located between 9th and 13th South and 5th and 7th East in Salt Lake City, is the oldest and most prominent park in Utah. The Anheuser Busch Sports park is is a 56.70 acre green-space that contains eight regulation ball diamonds. This community park offers facilities for child and household friendly activities. Even though Goodale Park includes an expansive playground and tennis courts, the park’s principal attraction is its view of the Columbus skyline and the serenity presented alongside a scenic pond and the charm of the gazebo and of its historic park shelter. Inside that very same calendar year, (December 1, 1914 and April 1, 1915) both $15,000 and $10,000 park bonds were issued.

The Promenade, a grand boulevard that stretches along Civic Center Drive from Broad Street to Rich Street, connects Battelle Riverfront Park with the John W. Galbreath Bicentennial Park. The area does contain parking, and the neighboring Brentnell Neighborhood Center is just a short drive south of this park. In 1852, an eight acre county fairground – The Franklin County Agricultural Society Grounds, opened on what was to come to be Franklin Park. The park consists of a basketball court, playground equipment and an ample walking trail. Located in central Columbus, Dodge Skate Park is sixteen acres of extreme outdoor exciting.

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