These game preserves evolved into landscaped parks set around mansions and nation homes from the sixteenth century onwards. First and foremost was the provision of open space for the benefit of townspeople and local residents within an area that was becoming quickly built up. Secondly it took the concept of the made landscape as a setting for the suburban domicile, an thought pioneered by John Nash at Regent’s Park , and re-fashioned it for the provincial town in a most original way.

Country music singer and acclaimed visual artist Terry Allen came up with the notion following visiting the city and finding out that the Scioto River requires its name from the Shawnee Indian word for hairy water.” According to nearby legend, when the Shawnee very first migrated to Scioto River valley from the Carolinas, they located deer hair floating in the river.

The type and layout of Paxton’s ornamental grounds, structured about an informal lake inside the confines of a serpentine carriageway, put in place the necessary components of his much imitated style for Birkenhead Park The latter was commenced in 1843 with the help of public finance and deployed the concepts he pioneered at Princes Park on a more expansive scale.

Access to the park is from the parking region west of the new Kroger Marketplace Location. The location of the park on Lake Erie tends to make it a favored spot for bird migration. North Bank Park is located along the Scioto River in downtown Columbus, just North of downtown and in front of the Arena and Pen West Districts. For the bird watching enthusiasts, the park provides a wide range of bird types ranging from frequent to uncommon. The Ohio General Assembly passed a resolution in 1885 that permitted use of the land as a public park to be administered by the City of Columbus.

The Richter Worker’s Memorial Park (.27 acres) was named immediately after Harry E. Richter, who was a extended time member of Recreation and Parks Commission. From flower gardens to fountain play and concerts to culinary delights, the park delivers some thing for every person. Schiller Park is the second oldest park in the City of Columbus, runner up to only Goodale Park, established in 1857.

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